Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Sweet Shower

This past Sunday, we had a baby shower for sweet Lindy and Baby Emma! It was a beautiful and relaxing shower, and we spent most of our time outside, because the weather was perfect!

A precious lady from church hosted it at her house. Isn't this porch and yard beautiful?

And yes, that is a swinging bed!!!! How fun! Many of us enjoyed relaxing here during the shower!!

Cute girl and some of her gifts!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Six Favorite Pictures Since January :)

The night the Mavs won the championship!!! June 2011

We went on a beautiful trip to Colorado with some of our favorite couples in July! Me and Mason at Garden of the Gods...

My family went on the most relaxing, wonderful beach vacation. We were seriously so relaxed that I only took one picture all week. And then I played with the color on this photo and messed it up :)

The Orrdeal Family Reunion in Nashville in August...The kids right before a great southern dinner!

At the ribbon-cutting of the new Wellness Center at ACU...

Labor Day at the Lakehouse...I pretty much did nothing but sit right here...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011

January-not usually my favorite month, however this year, January was fantastic! We had a wonderful time at New Years, and then the three weekends that followed New Years weekend, were packed with fun.


We started off the weekend by celebrating Madeline's birthday! I can't believe she is 18!

We celebrated her birthday by eating at Tilman's in Fort Worth! Oh.my.word. Seriously. Go eat there: eat an appetizer, eat beef, and order dessert. I seriously wish I had taken pictures of the table side smores that you cook yourself! The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is really neat.

The next day, Mason and I went to Northpark to buy our Christmas presents...We hadn't done any presents for each other this year, so we shopped a little. While we were there we ate at one of my favorite places to eat in Dallas..La Duni. I love any chance I get to eat there.


My dear friend Lauryn came to visit, and it was so refreshing to just have some time with girl friends! Celebrity Bakery, loads of shopping, and LOTS of talking! I loved it, and I was so glad JuliAnne met up with us for most of the day Saturday!

The only picture from the weekend, I love these two!

That weekend we also went bowling with our small group, and thankfully I didn't make a complete fool of myself. I actually bowled over 70. For me, that was a success.


I can't get my camera cord to upload pictures right now, so I have no pics, but my brother Patrick and his girlfriend Elyse came to visit, and we had a wonderful time hanging out! Plus Elyse and I enjoyed pedicures and shopping at Lilly Pulitzer, where we both bought bright blue dresses with ginko leaves all over them...I think we are going to get along just great! :)

I'm thankful that this month has been so full of fun times with friends and family!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was one of the best! I had a wonderful time planning my class party, and it was a blast! We went to Disneyworld right before Christmas, which was fantastic!! I didn't take near as many pictures this time, but I have a few good ones.

First day we went to Hollywood Studios...The Osborne Family Lights were beautiful! This one is blurry, but cute...

Toy Story Mania is a blast!! I love the waiting area!

Other Hollywood studio favorites are the Beauty and the Beast musical and the Little Mermaid show!!! Ariel has always been my favorite!

Day 2 we went to the Magic Kingdom! The park was surprisingly slow that day and we were able to do everything we wanted with minimal waits. I didn't get any pictures until that night at Mickey's Magical Christmas party. It was so cute, and I loved the snowfall on Main Street!

Day 3 was Epcot. I love the World's Showcase area!

Day 4 was Animal Kingdom, and look who we ran into...

Day 5...back to Magic Kingdom for a little more fun before we left...I had to ride the tea cups because I didn't do them the last time we went!

I wish I had some group shots, but Mason's parents took lots of those so I didn't bother. Also, I want to write a separate post sometime about some of the amazing food we ate their!!

Disneyworld was a blast, and we had so much fun with Mason's family there! After all that family fun, it was so nice to go home and spend some time resting and relaxing with my family! We enjoyed lots of food, games, and movies!! I'm thankful that we had such a great holiday season with loved ones.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fall Update!

I feel like someone has pressed fast forward on my life, and I wish I could just pause for a little bit. This fall has been so wonderful, and I wish I could hold onto it a little longer...Here are some fall highlights...

School started back, and oh.my.word. I LOVE my class. They aren't perfect. They are a loud vivacious bunch with plenty of personality, but most days they mind very well! Honestly, they are just a really fun group of kids, and they always make my day. Really wish I could share pictures of my kids or post some of the stories they tell, but probably not appropriate.. Anyhoo...here is an iphone pic of part of my class. I need to take some more pictures of the classroom...

Sadie loves to watch football with Mason, which is good since I never do...

I can't even pretend to care about the NFL but I do love to watch baseball!! We were so excited to get to go to one of the Rangers playoff games against the Yankees. Mason got to go to one of the world series games. lucky!

I turned 25 in October, and while I got many lovely gifts from Mason and the family, but this gift, given to me by a little boy in my class took the cake...

Madeline, Jayne and I got to meet Ina Garten when she came to Northpark. She is our favorite!!! We got copies of her new cookbook which is WONDERFUL! Madeline, Meredith and I have already cooked several recipes out of her newest book. We now have all of her cookbooks and used several of her recipes for Thanksgiving.

And yes, sometimes we wear chef coats when we cook together...

Maybe I will actually get our real camera out during the holiday season, so I can get some non iphone photos up here! Until then, I hope all of you are having a blessed holiday season!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Europe Trip!

Here are a few highlights of our trip!


The Louvre

Bike riding around the Louvre! One of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

River boat down the Seine River, this gave us gorgeous views of the city and the Eiffel Tower!


Cute picture of the Orr siblings, minus Bryce at the Arc.


Gorgeous Alps!
The Alpine Slide!! Not the safest contraption, but really fun!
Proof that Jayne and I also did the Alpine Slide!

Lunch in Tuscany.


Big Ben
Westminster Abby
Taken from the London Tower...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Last Few Days...

The last few days we've been here....

and here...

and here,

And too many other places to name! I don't have any of our pictures uploaded to my computer yet, but these are better photographs anyhow! While all the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame are high points, of course, my top favorite places are Musee D'orsay (because of the Monets and Renoirs) and Saint-Chappelle! But my favorite part was the night time bike tour from the "Fat Tire Bike Tour" Company- I think it's a must-do! We even got to ride our bikes all through the outside portsions of the Louvre! Amazing!!!